K Mitch 
K Mitch is new to the A&B Team. He hails out of Houston, TX and has been involved with the music industry for quite some time. His music talents have landed him with performances for various shows and even videos on Worldstar. Please be on the look out for more updates regarding K Mitch
DJ NuEra 
Jae Mel
Jae Mel was born in Washington, DC  however his candid and clever lyricism and word play began down in Louisiana's finest, The Big Easy.  He lived with his father, mother and older brother. Summer breaks he would sneak off writing rapping with kids in the neighborhood. His craft out shined many of his fellow peers, and that's when you can say his journey took off.
Hurricane Katrina not only struck tragedy to the only place Jae knew as home, but into his personal life. Not soon after being relocated to Maryland his parents divorced.  Instead of falling for the street life Jae took to paper, expressing himself in the only way he knew how. He was able to escape when his thoughts, pen, and paper met. This wasn't just a way out of dealing with day to day issues for Jae. This was a way to enhance himself.
In high school students started picking up on his flow and lyrical proficiency. After living in Maryland for a while, his family moved to Ohio where he continued perfecting his craft.
Becoming a fresh face at Wright State University, Jae elected to set his musical talents aside to focus on his major in finance and marketing. While attending the university Jae recieved news about another life changing situation. He had lost one of his biggest fans and best friends. His older brother passed in a car accident while on his way to visit Jae's dorm room. Talk about a heavy burden being placed on a young man who had already been through so much... But Jae would not let his brothers death restrain him, this only catapulted his desire to pursue his dreams. The death not only humbled him but it also reminded him to settle for nothing. Jae knew this is what his brother would want most, so once again music was back in the forefront. It was time to share his talent with the world.
Jae discovered more of himself during his time at college. Jae decided to celebrate the fact that he had made something out of nothing. He chose to liven up the crowd and remind them that they only live once. "F*ck swag, be you" is his new mentality. As long as you see the bigger picture it didn't matter what others think. He knows his capabilities and he's ready to showcase it.
After college, Jae hauled all of his belongings and last paycheck and moved to Atlanta on a hope, wish, and a dream. He spends every moment of free time sacrificing sleep and recreation to bring the most iconic lyrics to his fans ears. Its all for them to vibe to. Jae Mel is trailblazing a path of his own. When you listen to his music you're listening to his life.
There's still more to come...